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שיקסע (shikse)

אַ יונג ניט-ייִדיש ווייַבלעך

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Usage Examples

After a reading in Montreal, someone stood up and asked [Mordecai Richler] 'how come' he'd married 'a shiksa.' There was a pause--a hush as the audience registered the offence--and then Mordecai said, with chilling forbearance, 'Because I love her.'
Jewish dating sites market themselves with the cheeky slogan "Shiksas are for practice."
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It may have been gold in the streets for my grandparents, it may have been a chicken in every pot for my father and mother, but to me, America is a shiksa nestling under your arm whispering love love love love love.
From the Book Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth  


Language Word/Meaning
Shiksa : a young non-Jewish female (deragatory)



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